Compton Report 1993 TV Interview

Jim Compton, now a Seattle Councilman, produced a very fair report about feminism and the men's rights movement back when we were just beginning to form our views about Equalitarianism. My pro-feminist comments, which I contrasted with what I called "pop feminism," were really about equalitarianism. I just wasn't calling it that back then. The entire report, which was a half-hour segment, included interviews with long-time equalitarian advocate Warren Farrell, a women's studies professor from Evergreen State College, as well as early members of the infamous Gang of Six.

The Trailer
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The Interview
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Jim Compton
Jim Compton, who conducted the interview.
Jim Compton
"Your feminism stops where?"
Gang of Six
Early members of the infamous Gang of Six
Rod Van Mechelen
"Male chauvinist pigs have been replaced by sexist sows."
- Rod Van Mechelen
Rod Van Mechelen

"(Feminists) don't, in my opinion, represent mainstream women, they don't represent most women's interests." - Rod Van Mechelen

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