Canada AM 1993 TV Interview

Shortly after we began publication in April 1993, Peter Raeside, a columnist for the Globe and Mail, wrote a glowing review of our little publication. In response to his column, we were invited to appear on CTV's morning program, Canada AM. Because CTV's studios are in Ontario, the interview was at about 4:20 AM Pacific Time, hence why I sound like I was half asleep.

The Interview
Approximately 9 minutes - 2.8 MB MP3 file
Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor, who conducted the interview.
Carole Taylor
Carole Taylor
Bleary eyed and half asleep at 4:15 AM.
Carole Taylor
Me trying to string together complete sentences.

My biggest blooper was when I said that "women go to the government, often." What I intended to say was, "feminists go to the government, often." Here's the Flame a Feminist ad about which she complained. I still think it's funny.

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