King 5 News 1993 Interview

Soon after the Canada AM interview several of us were contacted by King 5 News in Seattle. In February 1993 I had done the News Talk with Jane Whitney talkshow prior to launching The Backlash! in April, and that got some local attention for the Seattle area campaign against the anti-male bigots in no small part due to the efforts of pro-fairness producers working for the local TV and radio studios.

The Interview
Approximately 4 minutes - 2.6 MB MP3 file
Susannah Frame
Susannah Frame, who conducted the interviews.
Louise Chernin

"I think that men are clearly the enemy; I do think that enough men do not take responsibility for being part of a gender that has kept 52% of the population down for centuries now." - Louise Chernin of the Seattle Chapter of Washington State National Organization for Women

Gene Hopp
Gene Hopp, who published the Men's Advocate newsletter.
Gene Hopp

"Men are stereotyped in a variety of ways by the feminist movement. I find that very sexist, I find that unfair." - Gene Hopp

Rod Van Mechelen
"It's like 'men bad, women good, men villains, women victims."
- Rod Van Mechelen
Rod Van Mechelen
"You're a man, you're guilty." - Rod Van Mechelen

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